koki'o Ukulele soprano Yellow

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Perfect ukulele for begginers!

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koki'o - high quality instruments for the reasonable price!

Koki'o ukulele soprano it's a model, of which the soundbox in one piece was made from the linden plywood.

  • Top, side and back made of linden without using plastic for side and back
  • Slightly increased body size for an improved sound
  • High quality fret-wires made of cupronickel instead of using cheap brass
  • Rosewood finger board instead of painted plywood
  • High quality white Nylon strings instead of black no-name strings
  • Geared tuners for accurate tuning instead of cheap friction pegs


  • koki'o model:    U-LLI
  • Size:    Soprano
  • Scale:    350 mm
  • Neck width at nut:    34 mm
  • Neck width at 12th fret:    44 mm
  • Frets:    12
  • Neck:    Okume
  • Top:    Linden
  • Side & back:    Linden
  • Binding:    no
  • Tuner:    Chrome, open, geared
  • Pickup:    no
  • Finish:    satin
  • Bag:    included
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koki'o Ukulele soprano Yellow

koki'o Ukulele soprano Yellow

Perfect ukulele for begginers!

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